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front-cvr-26Out of the backcountry for another resupply, this time via Mammoth Pass.  Met a thru hiker up near Mammoth Pass, map out, scratching his head; southbound he took a left at Upper Crater Meadow… oops! Wonderful weather for hiking, not so good for shooting.  Going against the grain south to north this year, meeting many friendly people along the way.  The wildflowers are beginning to wane, but the backcountry is still surprisingly green.  We missed a big party at VVR the other night, lots of slow movers up Bear Ridge switchbacks the next day.

Mt Clarence King, upper Woods Creek

Mt Clarence King, upper Woods Creek



  1. Hey John,

    Great running into you guys on the trail just north of JMTR. We’re Chris and Jon, the two guys from New York. We finished yesterday Aug 23rd after a sleepless rainy soaked night at guitar lake. We took your suggestion going over Forester and camped at 11,000ft the night before, it really helped!

    We’re definitely picking up a copy of the book, it looks beautiful!

    Ok, back to soaking the poor ol’ feet in the hot tub.

    Chris Tarry & Jon Hartsel

    • Congratulations you guys, hope you had a great trip. We are headed back in today to finish (Mammoth Pass to Yosemite). We missed the rain as we were over in S.F. but it looks to be a good soaking that may keep the dust down for a while.
      Have a safe trip home.

      John & Leslie

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