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front-cvr-26 We had a very good walk from Mammoth Pass north, but ended up exiting at Tuolumne Meadows because of large Yosemite fire.  Saw local ultra runner Jeff Kozak in the upper Lyell Fork on a run of the entire JMT.

We hope to get back in for the last 22 miles as soon as the smoke clears and the roads open.

Evening, Gladys Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Evening, Gladys Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Low res slideshow of selected Walk the Sky images at Youtube.


front-cvr-26Out of the backcountry for another resupply, this time via Mammoth Pass.  Met a thru hiker up near Mammoth Pass, map out, scratching his head; southbound he took a left at Upper Crater Meadow… oops! Wonderful weather for hiking, not so good for shooting.  Going against the grain south to north this year, meeting many friendly people along the way.  The wildflowers are beginning to wane, but the backcountry is still surprisingly green.  We missed a big party at VVR the other night, lots of slow movers up Bear Ridge switchbacks the next day.

Mt Clarence King, upper Woods Creek

Mt Clarence King, upper Woods Creek

front-cvr-26Walk the Sky is at the printer and due for release in late September. With the book wrapped up, Leslie and I are on a 25 day JMT trip this summer, south to north.  We came out Kearsarge for re-supply, back in tomorrow.  Cold weather with a morning low of 20f the day we went over Forester Pass.  A forecast for snow sent people streaming out of the mountains, never materialized.  The high country is still green with great flowers!  To see a first attempt at filming with my 5d mark II; unedited home movie from Forester Pass…. here.

South from Forester Pass

South from Forester Pass

Front Cvr 2

Walk the Sky: Following the John Muir Trail, Companion Press, 10 x 11 inch, 136 pages 85 color plates including 18 full bleed panoramas, 20 b&w illustrations .

Hardcover trade edition available through fine book stores or order direct.

Limited slipcased  Collectors Edition available only through the artist: $85.    here.

Front Cvr

Walk the Sky: Following the John Muir Trail

Trade Edition  $50.00 us

“Awesome … no other publication I have read does a finer job of getting at the physical and emotional transcendence that occurs from spending large uninterrupted periods of time in Wilderness.” –Eric Gabriel, Valley District Ranger, Yosemite National Park “The  essays do a lovely job of conveying things that feel so familiar to the life and work that we experience working in the high sierra (the physical attunement of one’s body after weeks and months on the trail).  I found myself wanting to see many more of John’s gorgeous images … he has captured beautiful images with the eye of someone who is intimate with the land he is photographing.” Erika Jostad, Backcountry Ranger, Sequoia National Park